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Teijin Aramid

Teijin Aramid is one of the early pioneers of reinforcement technology for fiber-optic cables, and as this market. Teijin Aramid has developed, we have gained an in-depth understanding of the causes of cable damage. Bending, stretching and mechanical stress are the most common threats, and we have addressed them by developing a number of protective solutions using Twaron.

Twaron is available in both high and standard modulus and in linear densities ranging from 420 to 20,000 dtex. Twaron has both high strength and high modulus, and is further enhanced by its dielectric properties and its resistance to corrosion and high temperatures. What’s more, its flexibility facilitates reliable mechanical fixation of the cable, including good connectorization. Finally, its small negative coefficient of thermal expansion improves the temperature performance of the cable. Twaron-reinforced cables also have enhanced resistance to electric discharges, lightning strikes, ice load, storms, and earthquakes. Together, these various properties make it an excellent alternative to steel and E-glass.

Twaron offers customized reinforcement solutions in a wide range of cable applications.

  • High Modulus Aramid D2200 series
    The key benefits of using Twaron D2200: Easy installation Long cable lifetimes Makes long spans possible Ensures reliable connectorization Enables minimal cable diameters High modu
    more detail >
  • High Modulus WB Aramid D3052 series
    Waterblocking aramid yarnA cost-effective way to make fiber-optic cables water-tight. 
    more detail >
  • Twaron Tape
    Key benefit of Twaron TapeNo need to apply low linear density yarnsHigh strength and crush efficiencyCost-effectiveEasy handlingSuitable for 1.2mm cablesEnables faster cable production
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