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About Us
DLF is the Strategic Partner for You

Company Profile

Shenzhen Delifeng Trading Co., Ltd. has established itself as one of the most efficient and reputable service companies in Chinese wire & cable industry.

DLF is committed to supplying  Chinese wire & cable  customers with the highest quality imported raw materials and machineries. At the same time, DLF committed to supplying the world  wire & cable manufacturers the good  quality & cost  effective raw materials and machineries made in China. 

DLF has achieved the impressive results through the good cooperation with his partners.  

Our Mission

DLF is the Strategic Partner for You. 

DLF becomes the strategic partner for both manufacturer and customer through 360 Degree Services. 

Our Business

DLF employees and experts have 20 to 40 years experiences in the wire and cable industry. With in-depth understanding of the market, people, product, technology etc., DLF has established strategic partnership with the world famous brands in wire & cable industry. DLF has successfully helped these brands to establish and keep their top market position in China. 

DLF provides the manufacturers and customers the tailor-made solutions. 

DLF has a professional team that allows the instant access to wire & cable material and machineries made-in-China. 

DLF has a mature system to ensure that all orders are precisely delivered on time, on budget, and on specifications.

Our Values

DLF employees all share the same set of core values, a basic common culture that the company has embedded in its name. These values are the cement that bonds DLF and the manufacturer and the customer together:

“D” from Chinese character 德 (De) means Virtue and Morals;

“L” from Chinese character 利 (Li) means Interest and Benefit;

“F” from Chinese character 丰 (Feng) means Prosperous and Successful;

DLF is a responsible company with commitment and innovative spirit. DLF is pursuing the common interest of the manufacturer, the customer and itself, in order to achieve WIN-WIN-WIN. 
Our Partners