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DLF is the Strategic Partner for You


How to develop Chinese market is the challenge for most international material and equipment manufacturers.  

Which way is better off using your own salesmen or using DLF as the agent?

The results DLF has achieved will tell you that DLF is the best choice. DLF is helping our partners to be successful. 

How do we do?

Through our over 20 years experiences in wire & cable industry, we know the market in-depth, we know the best way to achieve     the best result. 

DLF is not the simple agent, our function beyonds the agent. We provide "360 degree" services: 

We are the sales team of you, 

We are the marketing team of you, 

We are the technical team of you, 

We are the logistic team of you.  


The cost cutting and product innovation become important for keeping competitiveness of the company. How to find and use the   right raw material and equipment to fulfill the task become critical. Through our daily contact with clients, we realize that many customers meet difficulties in finding the right raw materials and machineries, most often due to a lack of experiences, time or manpower. DLF has the vast channel and expertise to match the manufacturer products and the customer requirement together.

How do we do?

DLF has built the close ties with the world top manufacturers in the wire & cable industry. DLF has much knowledge and experiences with the new technology and new product. DLF has built the information system together with the expert team.  

We do our utmost in devising and implementing a package solution to our clients.  DLF team helps Chinese customers to source high-tech product from oversea manufacturers.  And DLF team takes care of all vital aspects of importing Chinese made products.

All you have to do is tell us what you want and when. We can provide the services from the product information to full supplying chain. 


DLF takes an innovative spirit to provide comprehensive and pragmatic consulting services to the customers. 

Taking advantage of the good relationship with Chinese telecommunication operators, wire & cable manufacturing companies, the standardization organizations, the research institutes etc. . 

DLF provides the consulting services to our customers and partners. 

How do we do?

Global competition is becoming increasingly intensive. Material suppliers at the different level of the supply chain want to be the leader in their markets. Besides introducing the advanced technology, new materials, new process, Chinese policy and regulation, DLF also provide valuable information to our customers. DLF constantly looking for the way of cost reduction from the  improvement of technology in order to establish market position. 

DLF deeply understands the difference between Chinese and western culture, values, policies and regulation etc. DLF becomes the indispensable bridge between Chinese and foreigner. 

DLF commitment is as following:  

Competitive pricing

Impeccable quality

Reliable on-time delivery

Highest standard service