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ASI/Silica Machinery, LLC is the leading commercial provider of the optical fiber preform manufacturing equipment.

ASI/Silica Machinery, LLC was formed in 1997 with a mission to provide high quality and cost effective capital equipment and process technology to manufacturers of optical fiber preforms. ASI core and cladding technologies are state of the art, based on proven equipment and technology that have been perfected by the key scientists and engineers of the company. They enable makers of optical fiber preforms to lower their cost.

ASI/Silica Machinery has the development program to develop next generation equipment to help its customers continually improve both their cost of manufacturing and their product quality.

ASI/Silica Machinery,LLC corporate, development and manufacturing facilities are located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Management Team

  • ASI management team is seasoned and all have prior experience making world-class optical fiber or cable
  • Founder and Chairman has 38 years of optical fiber and VAD and OVD experience
  • Senior engineering staff with decades of optical fiber making, machinery design, and process development experience


  • Install, commission, transfer technology, and support all equipment and processes
  • Provide training in the USA and at the customer’s site in the operation of the equipment and process
  • Provide Project Management and Consulting Services in all areas of optical fiber and preform startup and production
  • Support services are available on both a short and long term basis.

  • Vapor Axial Deposition System
    ASI Vapor Axial Deposition (VAD 1.01) is capable of depositing germanium doped silica soot vertically at atmospheric environment. The system is used to fabricate single- mode optical fiber c
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  • ACD Dual Spindle Atmospheric Vapor Deposition System
    ASI Atmospheric Vapor Deposition System (CD 2.01)is capable of depositing germanium doped silica soot at high speed. The system can product two core preforms at the same time. 
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  • Core Sinter System
    ASI/SILICA Machinery 's Core Sinter System is designed to provide quality drying and consolidation of Germania doped silica soot preforms. When used in combination with the other prefo
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  • Rod Draw System
    ASI Rod Draw System (R1.02) is used to elongate or stretch glass peforms resulting in a decrease in diameter and an increase in length. It's primary purpose is to elongate core preforms which can be c
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  • Dual Spindle Atmospheric Chemical Vapor Deposition System
    ASI Atmospheric Chemical Vapor Deposition System (OD2.02) provides optimum control high speed deposition at atmospheric environment. The system can be used for the silica soot deposition pro
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  • Clad Sintering System
    ASI Clad Sinter System is designed to provide quality drying and consolidation of Germania doped silica soot preforms. When used in combination with the other preform making equipment av
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  • Preform Soaking System
    ASI Preform Soaking Oven System(OP3.01) is used to heat glass preforms after they have been sintered enabling excess gas still trapped in the preform after sintering to escape.  It will decrease
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