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Our Products
Our Latest Products
  • RDX 21606
    RDX 21606 is a radiation crosslinkable halogenfree, low smoke compound, offering excellent oil and drilling fluid resistant properties. This MUD & oil resistant compound exceeds the stringent requ
    more detail >
  • RDX 4144 modified XL-PVDF
    Modified radiation crosslinkable PVDF compound for high temperature resistance (150C) semi-rigid superior flame-retarded and chemical resistant secondary insulation. 
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  • RDX 42759 XL-ETFE
    RDX 42759 radiation crosslinkable ETFE compound for the insulation and jacketing of 600V and 200C hook-up wire and airframe wire.  
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  • RDX 4145
    More flexible compound compare to RDX 4144 and show an increased resistance to discoloration.
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  • High Modulus WB Aramid D3052 series
    Waterblocking aramid yarnA cost-effective way to make fiber-optic cables water-tight. 
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  • OCG 6000 overhead conductor grease
    OCG 6000 is an advanced, fully synthetic grease specifically developed for the protection of high temperature, low sag 'GAP' (GTACSR and GZTACSR) overhead conductors. The unique combination of additiv
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