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A man of honor should like the universe, unremittingly self-improve with momentum;   A man of honor should like the earth, deeply contain all things with virtue.           
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DLF is committed to providing the best services to the manufacturers and customers. We provide the highest quality and high added value imported material and equipment to Chinese wire & cable industry, and we export the good quality and cost effective raw materials and equipment made in China.

Ours Products
We are the agent, beyond the agent.
We are the customer, beyond the customer.
DLF is dedicated to provide the services for the material and equipment manufacturers and the material and equipment customers at the same time. Our products include the optical cable materials, electric cable materials, optical fiber preform manufacturing equipment, optical cable manufacturing equipment and testing equipment etc.. 

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Specialty Cable Material
Optical & Electrical Cable Material
Optical Fiber Preform Machineries

As the solution provider, we provide the customer-designed product. 
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Ours Partners
What kind of product to market, the market will give what kind of return.
DLF has committed to only supplying the best quality product. In order to fulfil the commitment, DLF has established the strategic partnership with the world famous brands, including







Ours Services
Agency Trading Sourcing Consulting 
DLF provides the customers: 
The competitive pricing, the impeccable quality, the reliable on-time delivery and the economic logistic service.
DLF provides the manufacturers: 
The effective sales force, the powerful marketing, the strong technical support and the in-time after-sales services.
Latest Products
DLF's partners keep on developing the state-of-art products of the industry.  
The latest products including: 
The water blocking aramid yarn - Teijin Aramid
The anti-tracking aramid yarn - Teijin Aramid 
The indoor cable aramid tape - Teijin Aramid 
The supper low temperature offshore application compound - Inhol/PTL
The high temperature air frame cable compound - Inhol/PTL 
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