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Electric Cable Raw Materials
Drawing Lubricant

Features and Benefit

Aluminium wire drawing lubricants

Excellent resistance to thermal degradation extending service life. Low viscosity aids separation of aluminium fines and pumpability.

Copper wire drawing lubricants

Excellent lubrication properties reduce wear on dies and cones and increases drawing speeds.

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  • Lubricool 318 copper drawing lubricant
    A high-performance lubricant for high-speed fine and superfine wire production on modern single and multiwire machines. Suitable for enamelled wire production and tin-plated wires. 
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  • Lubricool 22G
    Lubricool 22G is a high-performance, heavy-duty rod breakdown lubricant which also performs well in intermediate and fine wire applications suitable for plain copper tin plated copper and wires to be
    more detail >
  • Alumol 195 drawing lubricant
    Has all the properties of Almol 145, but is formulated to have a higher lubricating film strength to cope with the high temperatures which result when mechanical alloys are drawn. It is also preferred
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  • Alumol 145 Drawing Lubricant
    Under recommended conditions, top drawing speeds can be achieved whilst attaining an excellent bright surface finish on the drawn wire. The lubricant is inhibited against premature aging, so longer ba
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