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Optical Fiber Cable Materials
Aramid Yarn

Twaron is Teijin Aramid’s high-performance para-aramid product. It offers a unique combination of mechanical properties, chemical resistance, excellent durability and thermal stability. It is highly valued across a wide range of industries for the benefits it brings to a great many high-performance applications.

Teijin Aramid has over 30 years of experience with aramid. This not only means that our products are technically mature, but it also gives us a huge pool of knowledge and expertise to draw on during co-development initiatives. We regularly work in close cooperation with customers and with our customers’ customers, in order to ensure our products can exceed the specific requirements of individual applications.

Twaron offers a unique combination of characteristics that sets it apart from other synthetic fibers:

    • High strength (excellent strength-to-weight properties)
    • High modulus
    • High dimensional stability
    • Excellent heat, cut and chemical resistance
    • No melting point (degradation only starts at 500°C)
    • Low flammability
    • Non-conductivity

These characteristics are the result of a 100% paracrystalline structure with molecular chains preferentially oriented along the fiber axis.

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