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  • Optical Fiber Cable Materials
    • Aramid Yarn
    • Single-mode Optical Fiber
    • Multi-mode Optical Fiber
    • Waterblocking Yarn
  • Electric Cable Raw Materials
    • Special Cable Compound
    • Drawing Lubricant
    • Overhead Conductor Grease
  • Optical Fiber Preform Machineries
    • Core Deposition System
    • Clad Deposition System
    • Core Sintering System
    • Clad Sintering System
    • Preform Soaking System
    • Rod Draw System
  • Cable manufacturing Equipment
    • Gel Delivery System
    • Optical Fiber Coloring Equipment
    • Indoor Cable Equipment
    • Fiber Server
  • Testing Instruments/Equipment
    • Hot-set Creep Oven
    • Mechanical Performance Test Systems for OFC
  • Connectivity Products
    • Indoor Optical Fiber Cable
    • ODN product
    • OLT product
Cable manufacturing Equipment

We provide the advanced optical fiber and electrical cable manufacturing equipment. 
Gel Delivery Equipment
Optical Fiber Coloring Machine
Indoor Cable Equipment
Aramid Yarn Server
Power Cable Cabling Equipment
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  • Indoor Cable Equipment
    Indoor Cable (FTTH)Equipment, for making:Dual Optical Fiber Round CableMuti Optical Fiber Round CableBow-type Indoor Cable
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  • Optical Fiber Coloring Equipment
    Optical Fiber Coloring Equipment 
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  • Unifil 3600 series
    Pioneered by UNIGELIn line de-gassing & metering system for buffer loose tube fillingIn-line filterBuilt-in 150kg accumulator for uninterrupted gel supplyMultiple lines up to four from one unitPor
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